Suspected Car Theft Ring in Wet Lands

Greetings  Coteries. It’s J.A. Ireland,

I’m in a gorgeous room at the Syxzur Night Rest Hotel in Guytic City.  The Duny Syxzur Company owns this deluxe night rest. The Duny Company is the inventor and manufacturer of the duny.  Their hand held, text messaging devise, is very popular on Sesla.  I own a DunyII  myself.  The Duny Syxzur Company is also the chief sponsor of Dream Quest, the very popular TV show on Sesla.

A Magical Tree in the Enchanted Forest in the Wet Lands

I’m waiting to leave for my appointment this afternoon at The Wet Lands News. I’m meeting  with  Chief Editor, Vyll Pitmir, and roaming reporter, Veem Weazan.  I’m meeting with them to discuss my movie reviews from Earth.

I read another article in The Wet Lands News, by Veem Weazan, about a car theft ring. I’m reading more and more articles  about the stolen cars in the wet lands recently.

The Headline reads: Suspected Car Theft Ring in Wet Lands Continues to Grow

The Wet Lands News: Many wet lands coteries are becoming concerned that an organized car theft ring is expanding throughout the wet lands.  Guytic City TV News  and Kvyutt TV News have reported the recent increase in stolen vehicles in this area.

Recently, I spoke to Guytic City Police Chief, Fesyur Cuobyn about the growing concern of a possible car theft ring in the wet lands.  Chief Cuobyn responded to my concern, “We are conducting an investigation into these allegations.  At this time, I cannot confirm the existence of a car theft ring in Guytic City or in the wet lands.”

Even though Chief Cuobyn will not confirm the existence of a car theft ring in the wet lands, many alarmed residents believe the crime ring not only exists, but is growing at an alarming rate. This is a story that The Wet Lands News will continue to follow and report on. I am reporter Veem Weazan. Reporting for The Wet Lands News.

It’s J.A. I’ve recently read many articles in other newspapers as well concerning this alarming allegation.  Could there be an organized car theft ring in the wet lands?  If there is, who is the crime lord?  I’ll stay on this story as it unfolds.

It’s time to leave for my meeting.  I’m interested to hear what Vyll Pitmir and Veem Weazan have to say about my movie reviews.  I’ll let you know. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J. A. Ireland


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