Hi Everyone,

Today I’m cooking one of my family’s favorite meals; homemade pizza. By making it myself, I can load up the healthy toppings at an affordable price. I can also ensure to the healthy nature of the meal. I will also make oven bake carrots and take advantage of the heated oven. For us, a spinach salad is also an almost daily vegetable.

Last night I removed a frozen roll of bread dough from our freezer. I placed it on a plate and covered it tightly with several layers of plastic wrap. Next I covered the plate with a dark towel to sit and thaw / rise until I was ready to make my pizza crust.


One Roll White Bread Dough Bought Frozen Then Thawed

½ Pound Mild Ground Italian Sausage

4.5 oz. Sliced Turkey Pepperoni

Two cups 5 Cheese Italian, low fat, low sodium

One cup Parmesan Cheese, low sodium, low fat

Small 14 oz. Jar of low sodium Pizza Sauce

One can Black Olives

One Large Onion

One Large Bell Pepper

8 oz. mini Portabella Mushrooms

Prep work:

Cook the sausage. Drain and place on a plate lined with paper towels to absorb the grease. Next chop the olives, onion, peppers, and mushrooms. Put everything including sausage (discard grease soaked paper towel) into separate bowls. Place all in the fridge until later.

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. Spray your pizza pan with non- stick. I use either canola or extra virgin olive oil non- stick.

Time to make the pizza crust. Don’t worry. It’s easy. Use a counter top or table. I use my kitchen counter. Put a large pinch of flour on the counter and unwrap the dough. It should look similar to a large mushroom ball. Here is a picture.


Dough Raised and Ready to Roll

Don’t play with it. Put the dough on the flour then turn it over. Begin rolling. Roll just enough to fit your pan; if you can. If you can’t, don’t worry; it’s easy to stretch, once in the pan. Complete this process quickly; then carefully peel off the counter. Lay in the pan with the edges over the rim of your pizza pan. If the dough isn’t big enough, gently push from the middle to the outside edges. It stretches easily on the non-stick spray. Complete this process quickly as well. Next, tuck the excess dough inside the edges. If there is a tear in the dough; don’t worry. Pinch off some of the excess dough on the wall and fill in the tear(s). No one, not even you will be able to tell. Next, use a fork to prick many small holes in the crust so it doesn’t bubble while baking. Don’t destroy your work; just vent it. Next, sprinkle on whatever spices you like. The spices I’m putting on my pizza are; garlic, oregano, basil, parsley, Italian, pepper.


My Pizza Crust Seasoned and Ready to Bake

This is what my pizza crust looks like before baking. Here is a picture. I’m going to bake the crust for 6 minutes at 400 degrees on the top rack.

When the crust is cooked, remove from the oven. I’m ready to make my pizza.

Make The Pizza:

I start with ½ bag of five Cheese Italian on the crust ( all spread evenly)

¾ of the jar of pizza sauce (save the rest for dipping sauce)

Italian Sausage

Portabella Mushrooms


Bell Peppers

Black Olives

The rest of the cheese

Lastly; Turkey Pepperoni on top.

It’s ready to bake. Here’s a picture. 100_6090


My Heart Healthy Pizza Ready to Serve to My Hungry Family

I bake the pizza for about 30- 35 minutes on the top rack. The time varies. I cut it after 10 minutes and continue baking. Here are before and after baking pictures. Isn’t it a beautiful pizza; and heart healthy.

It’s hard to see but this pizza is almost an inch thick, and full of natural juices.

Next: My Carrots


½ bag whole carrots

Orange Marmalade Jelly

Caraway Seeds


Spray baking pan with non-stick. Wash carrots and peel. Cut carrots in half; long ways. Coat generously with orange marmalade jelly and place in pan, flat side up; sprinkle lightly with caraway seeds. Bake next to pizza for 30 min.


These Carrots Have a Sweet, Orange, Nutty Flavor

Next: My Salad

Baby Spinach

Shredded Red Cabbage



One can Garbanzo Beans / colander drained to remove salt


Many Days a Week We Enjoy a Fresh Spinach Salad in Our Home

Next: My Salad Dressing

We use a variety of Italy and Greek combo’s. As long as it’s a blend of canola or extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar plus spices, it’s fine with us.

That’s my heart healthy Sunday meal for this week. I hope you give it a try. By the way, I got raving reviews from my family on the pizza and the carrots. Hope you get the same. Thanks for tuning in. Ja










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