BERMUDA; Beauty Beyond Imagination

Fellow travelers,

Atlantic Island of Bermuda

Atlantic Island of Bermuda

Bermuda Ferry

Bermuda Ferry

We have been blessed to travel to many beautiful destinations, but none as breathtaking as the Island of Bermuda. We sailed to the United Kingdom Island onboard Norwegian Cruise Line and enjoyed our stay of several days.

Our last memorable day was spent in the capital; Hamilton. We enjoyed a very enjoyable and scenic ferryboat ride from Dockyard to the charming city. We sailed across the Great Sound again taking in the islands beauty once more from the water. Magnificent. The weather was perfect,with blue skies and very comfortable temperatures.

When we arrived in Hamilton, our ferry captain dropped us off at Front Street. This is the heart for Bermuda’s tourist and resident businesses. All along the street, we could see the colorful landscape of pastel businesses. We enjoyed the sights of open-air trolleys, mopeds by the hundreds, and some cars lining the streets. This is a place to buy that perfect souvenir.

Another interesting sight to remember was the residents going into their places of business wearing Bermuda business suits. These consisted of a dress shirt, sport coat, and matching Bermuda shorts, long socks, and shoes. This seemed  perfectly normal attire; how nice.

Bermuda Open Air Trolley

Bermuda Open Air Trolley

As we had booked a shore excursion that day, we had just enough time to meet up with our tour guide. Our shore excursion was to spend a delightful couple of hours touring downtown Hamilton on one of these open-air trolleys. Our guide shared with us many interesting facts about his island. He told us about the architecture, home ownership, and pointed out many different building to us.

Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda

Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda

As we journeyed through the streets, our driver stopped in front of the HSBC bank on Front Street. We were fascinated as he explained that the quaint little bank enjoyed deposits that exceeded several billion dollars. “No Way “was our response. It was only a small, simple bank.

Johnny Barnes Statue in Bermuda

Johnny Barnes Statue in Bermuda
“Mr. Happy Man”

Along our tour, one of the most unforgettable and impressive structures that we saw was a tribute to Johnny Barnes. Our tour guide explained the history of this local legend. Each morning for more than 50 years, Johnny Barnes stood at the roundabout at Trimingham Hill. He stood there waving cheerfully to the vast commuters who were going to work. He was wishing them well and wishing them a pleasant day on their jobs.

As a tribute, the good people of Bermuda erected a statue in his honor at the very spot where he stood and cast his well wishes on the commuters.  The people of Bermuda refer to him as “Mr. Happy Man.” A trip to Hamilton is not complete without a visit to the statue of Johnny Barnes. We believe this gives a spirit to the island and is a strong testimony to the people of Bermuda.

This day ended our splendid three days on this beautiful, picturesque island. There was so much to see on Bermuda. We have memories from King’s Wharf Dockyard to St. George with its delightful views along the way, Bermuda’s pastel homes and pink sand beaches, and Hamilton with its island tribute. It just overwhelms the senses.

Bermuda's Pink Sand Beaches

Bermuda’s Pink Sand Beaches

The beautiful coral reef island of Bermuda is not only about its famous pink sand beaches. There is so much more. Bermuda’s interesting culture, architecture, and as perfect island paradise will provide lasting memories.

The Island of Bermuda is a must see if you are a traveler or a cruiser. There is so much more to write about. The island was so fascinating. I will continue my tales of our Bermuda cruise in later articles. Thanks for stopping by. Ja


One thought on “BERMUDA; Beauty Beyond Imagination

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Bermuda. I’ve made it to Barbados, which is another British island and pretty amazing in its own right (no pink sand beaches, though). Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

    I see you have been extremely busy and very diverse as a writer, in the book section that is. If any Real World Place (other than Barbados, London, Mexico City or Jerusalem, places I have visited) could inspire something for my Tales of the Undying Singer, what you post here on Bermuda could. Would that the whole world, each locally in its own way, were that beautiful. (There’s a patch of Some Of The Most Worthless Desert In The World, in far SW Arizona, which could use some Bermudifying for certain.)

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