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Dear fantasy fiction fans,

I’ve dreamed of being a science fiction writer since I was a young child. I believe God blessed me with the writing ability from birth. One night many years ago, I pursued that dream. I created Sesla—the fantasy planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy, along with Detective Maxx Zeqster. Since that sleepless night, my ideas and writings have grown into eight books and three blogs.

The Unthinkable Duo of Justice is my first novel. This book begins my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series. Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, Detective Maxx Zeqster, Arthor Nekuma, and other characters are introduced.

Slide1The fantasy adventure begins; as Maxx is in deep despair. Recently he was forced to resign a prestigious job as a territory detective. Shortly afterward, his first case as a freelance detective proves disastrous. He interferes in Police Chief Zog Morxoc’s sand trafficking investigation. The result of his evidence tampering; Judge Lykun released the sand runner that was captured during Morxoc’s investigation. The resulting media coverage was crippling to Maxx’s career.

When Art Nekuma enters the story, he’s having his own problems. Soon, he’s fired from a job as janitor at Wyluxx City High School. In desperation, he barges into Maxx’s case.

While using his extraordinary undercover skills, Art helps Maxx break a case that has been unsolvable for the local authorities. The resulting media coverage propels the Maxx Zeqster Detective Agency to the cover story of all news media on Sesla. Maxx and Art become The Unthinkable Duo of Justice.

Today only, I’m offering my novel, The Unthinkable Duo of Justice, for free downloads on Kindle. My giveaway ends at midnight—so don’t delay. Click on the cover—then click to download onto your Kindle device on the Kindle page.

If you except my offer and take a free download, after reading the novel, please submit a brief review on Kindle. The review section is below where you downloaded. Click on my book cover again, if you like, to get back to that page.

Thank you for reading my blogs. I hope you’ll download my novel and discover Sesla—my fantasy planet in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

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