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Hi fantasy scifi fans,

All my life I’ve wanted to be a writer; as many of you already know from reading my works. Since I began writing, I created Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, Detective Maxx Zeqster, Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases, and my praise God series which includes two books. I also have two active blogs.

Vote For

Please vote for “The Dunjyn Asylum Escape”

A short time ago, I was invited to enter an elite, professional writing contest at My entry is my book, The Dunjyn Asylum Escape. You can vote for my book at.

I’d like to thank everyone who reads my blogs every day. Also a special thanks to the many who have read my books. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

If you would like to read The Dunjyn Asylum Escape, the entire novel is my entry in the contest. Click on the Vote For My Story Picture to take you there.

I hope you will take a moment and give my story your vote. Please click on the picture and vote.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

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