Disney’s Remy – Elegant Dining At Sea

Dear cruising fans,


Disney’s Remy. Fine Dining At Sea

There’s nothing like vacationing aboard a cruise ship. The tranquility of the open seas. All the sun and wind one can endure. Housekeeping and meals so everyone can enjoy their vacations.

One of the many dining options offered on board the Disney Dream is the luxurious restaurant, Remy. Named after the dessert chef from the film Ratatouille.

Ratatouille, the dessert chef

Ratatouille, the dessert chef

We enjoyed a romantic dinner evening at this fine eating establishment while watching the sun setting on the Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas.

Our three-hour dining event began with the choice our beverage. The options were almost limitless, champagnes, sparkling waters, wines, to , name a few.

We enjoyed one culinary delight after another. American and French. Scrumptious. We ate half our plates then swapped so each experienced both chef’s work. The food was amazing. The presentations outstanding. We were full after this.

Remy's Table Overlooking The Caribbean Sea

Remy’s Table Overlooking The Caribbean Sea

Then came the incredible cheeses. They were amazing. A cheese explosion.

The desert was a delicious combination of chocolate, ice cream, custard. The plate presentation was very artistic.

As a departing gift, we were given a small box of chocolates and a long stim rose.

Remy's ChocRemy is an exquisite, adult only, dining experience that is offered aboard the Disney Dream and Fantasy. A strict dress code is adhered to. There is an extra per person charge for this upscale restaurant.

If we cruise on the Dream or the Fantasy, Remy is a must for a romantic dining evening.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

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