The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith – Movie Review

The Book of RuthGrandfather tells his grandson, future King David, the boy, a story about hope and faith when we don’t understand God’s plan. “In the time of the Judges, the people were corrupt and everyone did as they saw fit. When a great famine came upon Israel, some families chose to escape their plights and start over in the pagan country of Moab. But soon Moab proved to be none better. The crops withered and the people suffered, for there was no rain.”

The story in Moab, Naomi is talking to Elimeleck’s grave, her dead husband.  They have two sons, Chilion and Mahlon. There is drought and famine in Moab. They should have stayed in Bethlehem; Elimeleck moved them to Moab because of a drought and famine in Israel.

Chilion, the oldest son is dying. He fainted and hit his head on the well. He is emaciated. He’s married to Orpah. Chilion died. Orpah is a widow as Naomi is a widow.

Ruth and Naomi

Ruth and Naomi at the market

Ten months later, Naomi and Ruth are at the market. Ruth is Naomi’s daughter in law. Mahlon, Naomi’s younger son is working the family farm. He’s sick from a lack of nourishment and excessive worrying.

Orpah wishes to leave. She and Ruth argue in the kitchen. Ruth fells it is their duty to be loyal to Naomi. They are her daughters through marriage. Orpan believes in many Gods.

Mahlon has a heart attack and dies while working in the barn. Leaving Ruth a widow as well.

“Why am I the only one left?” Naomi cries to God.

Beth and Orpah

Beth and Orpah

Orpah is in town later. She talks to Beth, Ruth’s mother. Beth thinks their family is cursed by the Gods.

Naomi knew it was wrong to leave Bethlehem. She’s angry with God for taking her children.

Caleb, a friend of Tani’s from Israel, comes to visit. Their famine is over. Their land is healed. He brings his condolences from Israel.

Naomi tells Orpah, tomorrow she’s going home to Bethlehem, now that the famine is over. Ruth and Orpah choose to follow her to Bethlehem. Naomi feels guilty they are leaving their homeland to follow her. She tries to make them stay there.

Ruth refuses to go back to Moab. She goes with Naomi. She vows allegiance to Naomi’s God, the Lord God.

Naomi and Ruth enter Bethlehem

Naomi and Ruth enter Bethlehem

Naomi and Ruth were wore down and without money as they entered Bethlehem. They witnessed the bounty of Israel.

Tani, Naomi’s friend sees them. She takes them into Naomi’s old home. It’s been abandoned since they left Bethlehem.

The next day, Ruth goes into the fields to glean. Naomi works at home.

In the field, Ruth meets Simeon.

Boaz sees Ruth

Boaz sees Ruth

Boaz sees Ruth gleaning. He asks Seth her name. Seth doesn’t know, neither does Benjamin, both Boaz’s sub-bosses. Simeon says, “Her name is Ruth, daughter of Naomi.”

Neb is the owner of the field, Boaz’s uncle. Boaz fires Seth for being insubordinate—questioning his decisions . He promotes Simeon to chief harvester.

Boaz knows Naomi and Ruth came here seeking protection under the wings of our Lord. He prays that God uses him for that purpose.

Tomorrow, Boaz wants Ruth to eat with the bosses, with him. He offers her a Pomegranate. He gives her food to take to Naomi.

Boaz is a relative of Elimelech’s.

Chilion and Simeon

Chilion and Simeon

Simeon brings more wheat from Boaz for Ruth and Naomi.

Tani and Simeon are attending the harvest festival together. His promotion allows him to do so for the first time in his life—a privilege he looks forward to.

Naomi sends Ruth to the harvest festival wearing a new, colorful tunic. Boaz is there. Her instructions are; when Boaz falls asleep, to lay at his feet until he awakes.

She followed the plan, and covered herself with his robe as best she could. She slept at his feet until he awoke.

Boaz and Ruth talk

Boaz and Ruth talk the next morning. He has a plan.

When Boaz awoke startled,  they talked. He confesses he asked God to give him her love. Boaz isn’t her closest kinsman. Neb, brother of Elimelech, is and is a problem. They finish the night in each other’s arms.

Boaz has a plan. He sends a message to Neb. He’s infatuated with Ruth, lost his wits, he’s giving her half of his grain.

Neb calls the elders to the public square for a town meeting to expose Boaz.

At the temple, Neb and the elders meet. Boaz is there.  Boaz wishes to purchase the land owned by Elimelech and by becoming her kinsman to save the house of Elimelech from destitution.

Boaz and Neb bicker over Elimeleck’s land and wife.

Boaz wins the argument. He is the kinsman redeemer of the house of Elimelech.

Boaz and Ruth are married

Boaz and Ruth are married.

Shortly after, Boaz and Ruth were married, which surely was a blessing from God. Their trust and faith in Him allowed blessings upon their family they never thought possible.

One season later, Ruth is ill. Boaz is worried sick. Naomi talks to her and determines she’s going to have a baby. They name the boy, Obed, which means servant.

We see King David again as a young boy, and his grandfather. They finish the story about faith and hope. David is learning to use his sling. He’s becoming lethal!

Grandfather and King David, the boy

Grandfather and King David, the young boy

The End.

This is another interesting story from the old testament about how God blessed Naomi’s family after terrible times. The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith.

Hope you liked my review.

My rating: 5 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

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