Kinkorx Horned Hares in another Slump


Greetings from Kinkorx,

Setting Sun Over Desert

Cloudy Evening in Kinkorx

I’m sitting at my desk while writing late on my column for the newspapers. It’s an unusually cloudy evening. Kinkorx TV Weather girl, May Willowman, called for rain later tonight. From the looks of the sky, maybe she’s right. It’s been a while since we’ve had rain in the desert. The plants need water.

My column is about the Horned Hares. As you know, I follow our local mesnuk team closely and I announce a home game occasionally. It’s always fun to work with Derrix Weyd, Kinkorx TV Sports Anchor. He’s the official voice of the Kinkorx Horned Hares and announces all of their games. Stin Gismurr, Kinkorx TV program director, is always there to insure to the quality of the broadcast.

It seems the hares are in another slump. Since Jeqrix Grexenn, the furniture giant, purchased the  team years ago, overall the hares are vastly improved. They’ve even won a Sesla Championship. What a moment that was? I was there and announced that game. It was thrilling.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown in Kinkorx. Home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares

Recently, the hares are in another slump with a difficult stretch of road games ahead. They must travel to the wet lands and play the Guytic City Tobacco Farmers, the defending Sesla champs. That game will be brutal. Xuro Qashlet, the billionaire owner, has the highest payroll of any professional mesnuk team on Sesla. His players are the best. They’re big, fast, and strong.

I spoke with Jeqrix Grexenn recently. He’s confident the team will turn around soon. He admitted in our brief lunch chat, that he misses Zith Fleen. He feels Zith was the most aggressive player he’s ever had on the team. If you would like to read that story, I’ve written a novel about it. The Kinkorx Horned Hares Slasher details the tragic story.

It’s time to get back to my column. May Willowman was right, it’s raining. The plants sure need the water.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

Big Mesnuk Game Tonight – Wish You Were Here


Greetings Sports Fans,

It’s J.A. Ireland. It’s great to talk to you again.

My family and I live in this picturesque desert city. We love it here. It’s sunny and a perfect 125 degrees. The wind is blowing, as always, and it’s nice.

The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown – Home of the Kinkorx Horned Hares

As I look out my high rise office window, I can see a small cloud in the distant sky. I can also see the endless multicolored desert sand as well as the ancient, multicolored stone formations.

The multitude of flowering desert plants are also spectacular to view.  I am very lucky to live on such a beautiful planet.

I can see The Mesnuk Stadium Downtown.  The parking lot is starting to fill. There’s a Big Mesnuk game this evening. The Kinkorx Horned Hares are playing the Kvyutt Travelers. The travelers are doing very well this season.  We are still in, “The Set of Games.” I can’t wait for, “It’s the Rallies”.  I so enjoy, “It’s the Rallies” Talk and Information.  For the Milky Way Coteries, that’s a radio show. It’s on Kinkorx Ultra-Modern Radio.  I’m a guest on the show regularly during, “It’s the Rallies.”

Oh, look at the time…It’s back to work for me.  My short break is over.  Nice chatting with you.  We’ll talk again when Sesla’s enchanted sun rises over the colored desert.  Until then may I extend a common Seslean proverb:  “May Sesla’s enchanting nature comfort and guide you.”

Till we talk again.

“May good fortune guide your path,”

J.A. Ireland