Maxx Zeqster – The Scholar


Hi everyone from the Milky Way Galaxy. I’m J.A. Ireland,

As I sit at my desk and gaze upon beautiful, downtown Kinkorx, I’m mentally revisiting my college days. Of course I’m recalling my graduating class valedictorian – Maxx Zeqster.

Maxx's Graduation Cap and Diploma From University of Kinkorx

Maxx’s Graduation Cap and Diploma From University of Kinkorx

Along with me, Maxx graduated from the University of  Kinkorx. He attended the Law Enforcement Campus where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice.  He not only received his diploma a year ahead of schedule, he was our class valedictorian.

I talked to Maxx during yesterday’s The Plaxqon Society luncheon. That’s an exclusive group of elite business owners in the desert.  As always, Maxx appeared confident and sharp.  He towers over everyone and his features are alluring. I thought he looked good in the past. I’ve never seen him more fit.

He said the Zeqster-Nekuma Detective Agency is receiving notoriety from all over Sesla. I know this to be true. I read about Maxx and Art Nekuma almost daily in the newspapers. They take on cases that no one else will accept. Their reputation is global.

If I was as large as Maxx Zeqster, and as smart, and had Art Nekuma working with me, I wouldn’t be afraid of anything—either. Some coteries are naturally gifted.

I need to get back to work.  The Plaxqon Society luncheon put me a bit behind in my writing. While I was reminiscing about my friend, Maxx Zeqster, I thought I would tell you about him—briefly.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland