If Only Beth Flanagan Knew – An Excerpt


Dear readers,

As many of you know, I’m an immense fan of fantasy and science fiction—having written six Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases books. These are all fantasy / fiction.

You may not know I’ve written two spiritual novels. One of which, Waiting for the Sunrise, is the story of Tim and Beth Flanagan. They live in Chattanooga Tennessee. This is a segment from the beginning of the novel.


Chapter OneSlide1

The Ice Storm

Beth Flanagan, the attractive, Irish American woman, was sleeping in their saggy, small bed, in their small, rented mobile home in Etowah. She and Tim, her husband, live in the rural farm and industrial town near Chattanooga Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

She was enduring another fitful night due to their financial problems and her pregnancy. She was drifting in and back out of dreams, as she slept. Beth mumbled garbled words as their problems tormented her rest.

As she slept, she moved her head and jerked her arms while mumbling gibberish. As she began to mumble louder, she awake from her troubled sleep. In the darkness, she gazed around the bedroom. “Oh no!” Beth moaned. “The electricity’s out again. I hate these power outages!”

With difficulty, the eight months pregnant, sandy haired, mother of two, struggled to squirm in their well-worn, full sized bed. Beth reached for her flashlight that she kept on the garage sale nightstand for power outages. “I hate being pregnant,” she mumbled. In the darkness, she knocked the flashlight off the table. It bounced off her face and onto the worn out mattress. “Owe…that hurt,” she moaned.

As Beth reached for the light, her hand tore the hole in her mattress cover even bigger. “This cover’s rotten,” she grumbled as she grabbed the frugal flashlight and turned it on.

“The batteries are low,” she said with irritation. Beth struggled to maneuver, while holding the light. Her large, pregnant stomach severely restricted her movement.

She squirmed to maneuver as she shined the light and read her battery-powered clock. “It’s 1a.m.,” she said as she squirmed. “There must have been another ice storm. I hope this one wasn’t bad.”

Beth shined the light on her thirty-five year old, Irish-American husband’s side of the bed. With alarm, as her heart raced, she said, “Tim isn’t home from work yet. He never works this late at the Smith’s farm. I hope he isn’t in a ditch.” She panicked as she said in the darkness, “I’ve got to check my kids.”

The twenty-seven year old college graduate from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville squirmed. “It gets so dark in the Smoky Mountains at night,” Beth grumbled. She wiggled as she slowly maneuvered to the edge of their decrepit, aging bed. While grasping the nightstand, the struggling writer groaned as she stood.

Beth dropped the flashlight. “Oh no,” she said with irritation. She struggled while holding onto her bed and nightstand as she bent down. “This is hard.” Beth groaned while grabbing the flashlight on the floor. Her large pregnant stomach threw off her balance as she stooped.

She struggled to stand again while gripping the light and bed. “This is really hard,” she moaned while complaining. As Beth reached standing position, she said, “I hope I don’t have to do that again. Being pregnant is awful.”

While holding the flashlight and shining it on the floor, she grabbed her bathrobe that she hung next to her side of the bed. Her fears were crippling as she put the loose fitting, flea market robe on her arms and back—leaving the front open around her large stomach. The uneven ties drooped to the floor. “I hope Mitch and Amber are alright,” she mumbled as her heart raced with fear and worry.

While shinning the dim light on the excessively worn, carpeted floor, she struggled out of their cramped, shabby bedroom. Her heart pounded with anxiety in her chest as she walked. Beth trudged along the dark, narrow, trailer corridor toward her son Mitch, and her daughter Amber’s, small room. “These batteries are getting low. I can barely see,” she complained as she fearfully pushed open her three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter’s bedroom door.

While shinning the dim flashlight, she worrisomely gazed into her children’s very dark room. She saw Mitch and Amber quietly and safely sleeping in their twin bed and crib. With great relief, she sighed deeply. She said softly, “Thank God they’re ok. Now, where’s Tim?”

As her fears quickly turned to anger, Beth slowly pulled the door to an almost closed position and shined the dim light to the floor once more. In the darkness, she crept along the narrow, grungy, hall toward the kitchen. She whispered as she trudged, “Tim shouldn’t be working this late,” she mumbled with anger and fear as she walked. “I hope he’s alright. He’s good at driving in these ice storms. He never gets in a wreck.”

Beth slowly ambled into their small, basic kitchen. She grabbed a plastic cup from the dish strainer. Mumbled angrily, “He said he’d be late. He never works this late!” She placed the flashlight on the counter so it shined over the sink and onto the fake, wood panel wall. Beth turned on the faucet. The slow trickle of water stopped after only a few seconds, as she watched.

That’s just Great!” Beth whispered angrily with irritation. “Without power, the pump doesn’t work.” With the dim light from the dying flashlight shining on the wall of the small, dark kitchen, she stepped to the fridge.

Her eight months pregnant stomach protruded out of the only half on robe as she opened the old, small, refrigerator. She grabbed the last bottle of juice and mumbled, “The fridge is still cold. The power hasn’t been out very long. Hopefully the ice storm wasn’t bad.”

Beth placed the plastic cup back in the dish strainer. Grabbed the flashlight. With her cold juice in the other hand, she slowly walked out of the kitchen. Beth entered their shabby, small living room. She mumbled angrily with concern, “Where’s Tim? He never works this late. I hope he’s alright,” she mumbled as she walked to the end table.

Placing the juice and flashlight on their mismatch end table. Beth struggled as she braced herself. She moaned as she slowly sat on the garage sale couch that came with the decrepit, rented mobile home.

As the dim light from the flashlight shone on the aging, fake, wood paneled wall, Beth sipped her juice while her kids slept safely in their rooms. She said with irritation and worry, “Where is Tim? He can’t still be working. I hope he’s ok.”

Beth slouched on the couch while sipping her beverage during the power outage and worrying. “I hope he’s alright. He works so hard. He’s always so tired. I hope he didn’t fall asleep at the wheel while driving home,” the passive mother mumbled as she slowly sipped the juice in the nearly dark room while worrying angrily.

Several Hours Earlier

Tim Flanagan, the taller, brown haired, unattractive, thin, Irish American, was working at the Smith’s farm in Etowah. He tinkered in the barn on a diesel motor during the ice storm. Fran Smith, the tall, thin, unattractive, dirty brown-haired woman, and farm wife walked in. She said, “We’re getting another ice storm. It doesn’t look too bad—so far, Doug drank himself into oblivion again with JD. I put him to bed. He’ll sleep all night.” With a dirty face and hands, Fran approached her taller, rough-faced, messy lover, with a seductive smile—as her long ponytail dangled.

Tim replied sarcastically as he grinned while sitting on the hay, “We can always count on Doug. He gives us plenty of time. Your husband’s quite a guy.” Tim stood and walked toward Fran—as she approached him while smiling. “It’s a good thing he drinks Jack.” Tim approached his lover.

Tim and Fran embraced while kissing passionately. They began their regular, longtime, love affair in the hay pile. Doug Smith slept like the dead, under the power of Jack Daniels Whiskey in his and Fran’s bed inside their home. Fran and Tim enjoyed their usual, steamy  relationship as he slept.

Time Passed as they continued their Romance in the soiled Hay Pile

Later, Tim and Fran continued to embrace as they napped in the hay pile following their passionate relationship. Suddenly Tim awoke. He was shocked as he lay while wrapped in only the dirty hay and Fran. “Oh no! I fell asleep!” Tim said frantically. “I’ve got to get home before Beth wakes up.”

As he began to stand, Fran awoke. She smiled as she said, “Come here lover. We have time for another round. Doug will sleep all night.” She tried to pull him close.

He resisted her pull and said while in a panic, “Maybe Doug will sleep all night but Beth won’t. She has trouble sleeping.” He brushed off the hay and began hurriedly dressing.

Fran watched as he frantically dressed. She asked politely, “How far along is she?”

“Eight months. Everything’s difficult for her right now—especially sleeping. She might be awake now. I need to go.” While Fran watched with disappointment, Tim finished dressing and quickly walked toward the door.

He opened the barn door and looked out into the darkness. “Great! The ice storm looks bad. I get so sick of driving in these.” Tim looked back at Fran who was calmly dressing. “See you tomorrow.”  He walked through the door and toward his older model, Ford F-150 truck.

Tim walked across the icy ground in the darkness toward his pickup. “This is just great!” he said with irritation as he struggled to walk on the icy grass. “My tires are balled. I can’t afford new ones. I hope I can stay out of the ditches. Tennessee Avenue has lots of ditches and rail crossings.”

As his old boots slipped on the thin sheet of ice, he opened the rusty door on his reliable ford truck. He jumped in and closed the door. Started the motor.

Tim slowly drove onto the icy, main road and began the brief, but slippery drive home.


This is a brief clip from the beginning of my novel, GOD and Prayer; Waiting for the Sunrise. Tim and Beth’s problems continue to pile up as she waits for the sunrise in their troubled lives.

This novel and all my books are available for free downloads with Kindle Unlimited.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Disney’s Remy – Elegant Dining At Sea


Dear cruising fans,


Disney’s Remy. Fine Dining At Sea

There’s nothing like vacationing aboard a cruise ship. The tranquility of the open seas. All the sun and wind one can endure. Housekeeping and meals so everyone can enjoy their vacations.

One of the many dining options offered on board the Disney Dream is the luxurious restaurant, Remy. Named after the dessert chef from the film Ratatouille.

Ratatouille, the dessert chef

Ratatouille, the dessert chef

We enjoyed a romantic dinner evening at this fine eating establishment while watching the sun setting on the Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas.

Our three-hour dining event began with the choice our beverage. The options were almost limitless, champagnes, sparkling waters, wines, to , name a few.

We enjoyed one culinary delight after another. American and French. Scrumptious. We ate half our plates then swapped so each experienced both chef’s work. The food was amazing. The presentations outstanding. We were full after this.

Remy's Table Overlooking The Caribbean Sea

Remy’s Table Overlooking The Caribbean Sea

Then came the incredible cheeses. They were amazing. A cheese explosion.

The desert was a delicious combination of chocolate, ice cream, custard. The plate presentation was very artistic.

As a departing gift, we were given a small box of chocolates and a long stim rose.

Remy's ChocRemy is an exquisite, adult only, dining experience that is offered aboard the Disney Dream and Fantasy. A strict dress code is adhered to. There is an extra per person charge for this upscale restaurant.

If we cruise on the Dream or the Fantasy, Remy is a must for a romantic dining evening.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland

SON of GOD – Movie Review


Dear Friends,

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the movie, SON of GOD. This is John’s story, from his Gospel of John; he narrates his own story.

Inspiring Movie about Jesus' Life

Inspiring Movie about Jesus’ Life

The movie begins with John1:1. In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God. He was with God…In the beginning. He was there in paradise with Adam and Eve; the fall of man. He was there with Noah…In the great flood. He was there with Abraham when he was chosen. “Abraham,” God said. “I will make you a father of many nations.” He was there when Moses led our people out of Egypt. “I will be with you,” God said. He was the light shining in the darkness. Jesus is that light. And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

John; Writer of The Gospel of John

John; Writer of The Gospel of John

John introduces himself. He is one of Jesus’ followers. “After what I saw, how could I not be?” John of the Gospel. John’s story; The Roman soldiers are collecting taxes. Occupied and oppressed—Jerusalem. Crucifixion is everyday and commonplace.  A new governor, Pontius Pilate is in power.

Jesus walked across the rock hills toward the Sea of Galilee as Peter fished below. Peter is frustrated due to another day of no fish. Jesus walks through the water, and with Peter’s help, climbs into his boat. After Jesus waved his almighty, loving hand in the water, fish from the sea gathered around Peter’s boat. He quickly filled the small, primitive schooner.  In bewilderment, Peter asked, “How did this happen?”

Peter- The Fisherman

Peter- The Fisherman

Jesus replies, “Come with me Peter. I will make you fishers of Men.” As Jesus continued his ministry, the numbers grew. All who heard his preaching were amazed at his wisdom and felt his power. Scores of people quickly became followers.

After healing the paralyzed man and forgiving his sins, a jealous Rabbi who witnessed the miracle confronts Jesus. “Jesus replies, “The Son of Man has authority to forgive sins.”  In turn, the Rabbi threatens Jesus with charges of blasphemy.

Matthew soon becomes a follower and Jesus feeds five thousand.  Afterward, Jesus performs one miracle after another.

Matthew- The Tax Collector

Matthew- The Tax Collector

After raising Lazarus from the dead, he declares himself the Messiah that Isaiah prophesied about. He tells his Mother, “It has begun.”

Jesus and his followers journey to Jerusalem for the festival of Passover. Jesus enters the city on a donkey. He goes to the temple and overturns the tables due to merchants selling goods.

The Roman Government plots against him. He declares, “To see the kingdom of God, you must be born again. You must be reborn. Not in the flesh, but in a spirit. The Holy Spirit.”

Soon, the arrest of Jesus is ordered. Jesus has visions of Judas betraying him and his death on the cross. He has the Last Supper  with his disciples. Communion/Eucharist is created.  He gives thanks and hands them bread then wine. “This is my body…This is my blood…Eat and drink…Remember me.”

The Last Supper- Communion Eucharist

The Last Supper- Communion Eucharist

Judas betrays Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane—with a kiss. He is captured. Later, the Supreme Court of Elders tried and convicted him. Their judgment; guilty of blasphemy and threatening to destroy the temple. Their sentence—death by crucifixion.

Caiaphas and the high priests talk to Pontius Pilate.  Barabbas goes free and Pilate orders the execution. As Jesus is whipped; Judas hangs himself.

During the crucifixion, Pilate says to his wife, “Jesus will be forgotten in a week.”

Pontius Pilate- Rome's Governor

Pontius Pilate- Rome’s Governor

Jesus was in agony while hanging on that brutal cross, in the blistering sun. Later as dark, thick clouds rolled overhead, he said, “It is finished.” After more time, Jesus said, “Father…into your hands I commend my spirit.”  While hanging on that terrible cross, Jesus Dies! Later, after being taken down from the cross, and the crown of thorns removed, Jesus’ lifeless body is prepared and sealed in a tomb. Jesus’ family and followers are devastated, heartbroken,  and lost. Their friend, family member, and Messiah is dead. What went wrong?

Three days later, Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty and Jesus’ body missing. Jesus is Alive!

Jesus before and crucifixion

Jesus’ crucifixion and before

Later Peter starts the first church. Jesus appears and shows them his nail scarred hands.

Forty Days Later; Jesus tells a crowd of believers about the Holy Spirit and ascends to Heaven. Peter said, “We have work to do.” He became their new leader. “On this rock, I will build my church,” Jesus said previously.

John continues his story while in exile. But in the light there was darkness. Persecuted for our preaching, all of the disciples died for our cause.  Except one. I must live out my days in exile. Alone. One day, I hope to see my friends again for they are with our Lord.

John reminisces about Jesus. The people today- they called you king. They think you are the Messiah. “Who do you think I am?” Jesus asked.

Jesus - The Eternal Savior

Jesus – The Eternal Savior

Peter replied, “You are the Son of God.”

Jesus says, “I am coming soon. May the grace of the Lord be with all God’s people.”

The movie ends. As the credits roll, and we see short videos from the movie, Ceelo Green performs “Mary, Did You Know?”

Speaking as someone who has studied God’s Word my entire life, I can say this movie was very accurate. A few things were left out and others moved around a bit, but that is to be expected.

This movie is perhaps the best telling of Jesus and his life that I’ve ever seen. I literally didn’t want it to end. My heart was full of joy as I watched Jesus on screen. I felt emptiness and despair when he died and later ascended. He was gone. I can’t imagine the heartache at the actual moment in time.

This is my review of the mega movie smash hit, Son of God. Watch the movie yourself. I promise you will be moved.

My rating: 5 stars

Thanks for stopping by.

J.A. Ireland

Robo Cop – Movie Review


SciFi fans,

I have a futuristic fiction cop movie review that you’re sure to like. The setting is Detroit Michigan.

RoboCopWe meet Pat Novak; The Novak Element. Tonight’s State of the Union segment he’s joined by General Curtis Monroe live from the war room in the Pentagon: General Monroe is live. Monroe explains in detail his operation. He shows the green ED-209’s. The purple EM-208’s. Security drones at work in Tehran.

Operation Freedom Tehran; Kelly Perkins. ED-209’s are keeping the peace. EM-208’s are mopping up the mess.

General Curtis, “We had Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Never again. From a military perspective this has been invaluable. No loss of American lives.”

Raymond Sellars' ED-209's and EM-208's in Tehran

Raymond Sellars’ ED-209’s and EM-208’s in Tehran

Pat Novak; The Novak Element

Pat Novak; The Novak Element

During the live broadcast there is a terrorists attack in Tehran. The terrorists are quickly killed by the large ED- 209’s and the human looking EM- 208’s. Pat Novak wants to use the machines here in America to keep the peace. He says America is robophobic.

Raymond Sellars, entrepreneur and true American, invented the robots.

Senator Hubert Dreyfus has a bill that prohibits the use of drones on U.S. soil. The American people support the Dreyfus Act.

Pat Novak supports Mr. Sellar’s efforts to make our country and our viewers safer. “What’s more important than the safety of the American people?” Novak asks.

Police Chief Karen Dean, of the DPD

Police Chief Karen Dean, of the DPD

Detroit Police Headquarters – Detective Alex Murphy works there. He got a lead on Antoine Vallon. He talks to his boss, Police Chief Karen Dean, of the DPD. She wants to know what the lead is. “Ok Alex Murphy, tell me,” Karen says.

Jack is Alex’s partner. “We got a line on some guns. We met up with this low-level G called Jerry who ends up havin’ a piece he’s not supposed to have. Where the hell you get a gun like that, Jerry?”

Jerry replied, “I can get you two whole crates full, man.”

“Two crates?” Murphy asks.

Jack, “No disrespect, J, but how a clown like you get so much product, man?”

Jack and Alex Murphy in Gun Fight

Jack and Alex Murphy in Gun Fight

“What’s it matter where it comes from?” Jerry.

Murphy, “No dirty guns, Jerry.”

“These guns got bodies on em’ Jerry?” Jack.

The meeting quickly becomes ugly. Jerry says, “Man, I work for Antoine Vallon.”

Murphy to Karen, “I ran the serial numbers on the rifles. The guns are supposed to be in our evidence room; not on the streets. The intake papers are blank; no signatures. Vallon thinks me and Jack are gun buyers; he bought it.”

Earlier – Upon investigation, Murphy discovers the guns are indeed missing from the evidence room. “How could this happen? Inside job. Dirty Cops; but who? Can’t trust anyone.”

Vallon was tipped offed just before the deal was closed. Someone informed him that Murphy and Jack were cops. “Make sure you kill them both!” Vallon yells angrily as he exits the building. The gun battle begins as Vallon flees the sceen.

(Jack) Lewis is shot in the gun fire. “Officer down! Officer Down! 331 Hamilton. This is Detective Alex Murphy. Need immediate medical assistance. 331 Hamilton Rd.

Back at Police Headquarters- Police Chief Karen Dean tells Murphy, “It’s up to IAD to determine if officers are supplying Vallon with police guns. I’ll handle it.”

Senator Hubert Dreyfus At Washington Senate

Senator Hubert Dreyfus At Washington Senate

Washington D.C.- Mr. Sellars and Liz Kline are speaking before the Senate, “My droids feel no anger, no prejudice, no fatigue which makes them ideal for law enforcement.”

Senator Hubert Dreyfus, author of the Dreyfus Act, “72% of the American people are against these robots. They feel nothing if they kill an innocent child.”

Omnicorp Headquarters; Detroit – America is their most valuable market and they can’t touch it; a $600 billion per annum market. They’ve tried to buy Senators to revoke the Dreyfus Act without success. “So unless we sway public opinion, the battle’s lost. An aggressive new campaign, wow factor off-the-charts.”

Liz Kline, “Sir, there are No loop holes in the Dreyfus Act. We can’t put a machine on the streets.”

Raymond Sellars idea, “We’re gonna put a man inside a machine.”

Omnicorp Foundation Rehab Ward – Dr. Dennett Norton Ph. D – “You’re not you because of your legs, your arms, your hands. You’re you because of your brain. It’s your brains capacity to process information that makes you who you are. Relax and do what you’ve always done, Micheal.”

Micheal is learning to play the guitar again with his new artificial hands. He’s attempting to play the CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ.

Dr. Norton and Raymond Sellars at Omnicorp Rehab Ward

Dr. Norton and Raymond Sellars at Omnicorp Rehab Ward

Raymond Sellars comes to Omnicorp Rehab Ward to speak to Dr. Norton. He wants Norton to develop combat applications. “I can put real revenue stream behind your research and save thousands of lives in the process.”

“Vallon, Lewis’ hospital. Alex is stopping by this afternoon. Detective Murphy’s a little impulsive. Do you want to send flowers?” Vallon listening on his cell phone.

Vallon replies, “I kill a cop, I’m lookin’ over my shoulder the rest of my life. That’s not good for business.”

“Who do you think’s gonna be investigating you?”

Later – Alex Murphy visits Lewis at his hospital room. He’s going after Lake and Daniels; arrests in a month, he feels confident.

Marcus reports to Vallon as he approaches Murphy’s car. He puts an explosive device in the left front wheel housing of Murphy’s car.

Later at home- Murphy’s car alarm goes off by itself. Murphy investigates. When he opens the car door; BOOM!

Alex James Murphy the Patient

Alex James Murphy the Patient

The Patient Alex James Murphy at Omnicorp Rehab Ward and Dr. Norton – “Alex suffered 4th degree burns over 80% of his body. His lower spine was severed. He’ll be paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Blind in one eye. Deaf. If he survives.”

3 Months Later – Alex Murphy is dreaming he’s dancing with his wife, Clara. She’s wearing a sexy evening dress. Frank Sinatra is singing.

Alex Murphy -The Fraction of A Man

Alex Murphy -The Fraction of A Man

He wakes and is shown what he has become. He’s a robot; a metal man. He escapes Omnicorp. Soon, Dr. Norton shuts him down and has him brought back. “I want to Die!” he says when he sees how little is left of him. He is only a fraction of a man. “Never show me this again.”

Murphy quickly learns how to use his suit and weapons. He also begins to investigate his own assassination attempt. He learns that the Detroit PD has let Vallon off the hook; lack of evidence. Closed the case.

Omnicorp Testing Facility in China

Omnicorp Testing Facility in China

Omnicorp Testing Facility in China. Alex is transported there for testing. EM-208’s attack with .47 caliber rifles. During the battle, Alex is programmed so the machine within him takes over. It’s an illusion for the American people. In reality the machine is fighting inside him; not him. Quickly and easily Murphy wins the battle and the test; destroying all the EM-208’s.

Alex Murphy visits Home

Alex Murphy visits Home

Back in Chicago- Alex goes for a difficult but long overdue visit to his family. The visit goes well. It’s good for his son to see his dad. Now he’s going after Vallon.

Detroit Police Headquarters – He’s given instant access to criminal records plus archive of CCTV footage from 2011 to present. Kim uploads the footage. The entire DPD database into his brain. He has a seizure. His dopamine levels are dropped to 2% to stop the seizure. “Now he’s only a machine,” Dr. Norton orders.

Meanwhile Outside: Mayor Durant is about to speak on the stage and introduce Detroit’s new weapon on crime. Murphy walks out on stage, past his wife and son without acknowledging them, and analyzes the crowd.

Pat Novak; The Novak Element reports, “He does recognize Thomas King, the convicted felon, from the DPD data base; wanted for arson, murder, and rape. On the loose for six years; apparently hiding in Detroit. Detective Murphy brought him down immediately. Robo Cop is here. In 60 seconds, Detective Murphy brought him down. Men weren’t up to the task. Robo Cop was. Robo Cop is on the job.

The Novak Face Off

The Novak Face Off

Now, the CEO of Omnicorp, Raymond Sellars is on The Novak Face Off. Omni’s stock is through the roof. Robo Cop is a Big hit. Detroit has a brighter future. The senate has agreed to vote on the repeal of the Dreyfus Act. Mr. Sellars wants all Americans to be safe.

Senator Hubert Dreyfus, also a guest, has an entirely different opinion.

Sellars, “One system has cut crime by 80% in one large American city. Imagine if we put 100 systems into place in America.”

Pat Novak closes his show with the question, “Has the U.S. Senate became pro-crime?”



Vallon speaks to his police friends , “$5000. I want protection. Robo Cop’s hurting my business. I can’t move any product.”

Murphy begins to overpower his programming. His dopamine levels begin to stabilize within normal range. He’s going after Vallon. He’s solving his own murder. Vallon has a plan to stop him; .50 caliber aimed for Robo Cop’s head. Quickly a vicious gun battle erupts. Automatic weapons are firing everywhere in the night.

Detroit Police Headquarters – Murphy, “I recovered 26 guns from Vallon’s warehouse. I lifted John Lake and Andre Daniel’s prints off some of them. Thirteen serial numbers matched weapons missing from police evidence. Daniels panics and implicates Police Chief Karen Dean, “Karen was in on it too. She tipped off Vallon.” Murphy kills Lake and Daniels. At gun point, “Karen Confess! Confess!” He’s taken off line before he can kill Chief Dean.

The Next Day – The vote for the Dreyfus Act takes place in Congress. 63 for repeal 22 against; The Dreyfus Act is repealed.

Dr. Norton wants Murphy’s family taken care of beyond their wildest dreams. Full funding. Ten years. New staff, all my own people.

“Deal,” Raymond Sellars says.

ED-209’sRaymond Sellars calls Mattox; his hit man, “Dennett’s on board. Get it done.”

“My pleasure,” Mattox.

Sellars tells Murphy’s wife her husband’s dead.

Mattox shut Murphy down before he got a confession from Police Chief Dean. Dr. Norton removed his transmitter. He can’t be shut down again. Sellars can’t afford to wake you up; he wants you dead.

Robo Cop

Robo Cop is on the Job!

Alex is going after Sellars. He enters Omnicorp and fights ED-209’s. He’s injured in the battle. Lewis, Murphy’s partner comes to his aid; he gets shot.

On the chopper pad Murphy shoots Sellars as Sellars shoots Murphy. Murphy’s wife and son are there.

Alex lives and Dr. Norton gives him a new suit. Soon he’s back to work.

The president vetoed the senate bill and upheld The Dreyfus Act. Much to Pat Novak’s disapproval.

This is one of the most interesting movies I’ve ever seen and one of my favorites. Could this be the future of law enforcement? I wonder?

Hope you enjoyed my review. Thanks for stopping by.

J.A. Ireland

Glazed; Sweet and Sour Baked Alaskan Salmon


Here’s my delicious baked salmon recipe that’s easy and fun. Since fresh salmon fillets are so large, one fillet works great for family gatherings.


3 pound fresh Alaskan Salmon fillet

4 tablespoons peanut oil

2 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 onion finely chopped

1 tablespoon onion powder

3 tablespoons brown sugar

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 and ½ teaspoon ginger

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon sesame seeds


In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together except, only use one tablespoon of brown sugar. Save two tablespoons for the top—later. Put the topping in the fridge for later.

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Spray the baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray. For heart healthy cooking, I use extra-virgin olive oil non-stick.

Remove salmon from the deli wrapping and scrap off all scales. Rinse thoroughly with cold tap water. Cut into desired fillets and place onto prepared baking sheet—skin side down.

Remove the topping from fridge and spoon on top of fillets; coat evenly. Next use the 2 tablespoons of brown sugar that are remaining to sprinkle over the topping. This is the glaze.

Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove from oven and carefully pour off the juice. Be careful—the salmon will easily slide off the baking sheet.

If you like your fish a little more crispy like we do, put back in the oven and bake for 5 minutes at 400 degrees. If not, keep the temp at 350 degrees for 5 more minutes of baking. Your choice.

Total baking time is 15 minutes.

This Salmon has a sweet and sour zip that adds to the flavor of the fish. If you like new fish recipes this is a great one to try. It’s delicious, fun, and very heart healthy.

Thanks for stopping by.

J.A. Ireland.

Glazed; Sweet and Sour Baked Alaskan Salmon

Glazed; Sweet and Sour Baked Alaskan Salmon

JESUS ETERNAL SAVIOR; Will You Serve Jesus Communion?



Dear friends,

I am very proud of my  spiritual novel,  Jesus Eternal Savior; Will You Serve Jesus Communion? 

This is a provocative story I wrote in both fact and fiction. I challenge the practices of closed communion.

My inspiration for this thought-provoking novel is that I have attended churches my entire life. I have experienced the practices of numerous ministers and priests regarding communion as well as other teachings and have experienced questionable interpretations of God’s Word to say the least. I explain this in my novel.


My Amazon description; Is closed communion Bible based? In this provocative novel written in both fact and fiction, I make my case.

I invite you to read Jesus Eternal Savior; Will You Serve Jesus Communion?  Tell me what you think. Agree or disagree?

It is available free on Kindle Unlimited.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland.

The Rescue of Dr. Leqtus Kin


Dear science fiction readers,

The second  book in my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series, The Rescue of Dr. Leqtus Kin is available on kindle as well as all my books.

This novel is an exciting tale of how Detective Maxx Zeqster and his apprentice, Art Nekuma travel to Qashlet lab, in the wet lands, and rescue the genetic engineer, Dr. Leqtus Kin from the Mad scientists at Qashlet lab.

The Rescue of Dr. Leqtus Kin on Kindle

The Rescue of Dr. Leqtus Kin on Kindle

In this thrilling adventure we get an up close look at Qashlet Lab and Dr. Myro Rewqust. Are they Mad? You be the judge.

I hope you will download this book today and read my spellbinding Maxx Zeqster Creepy Case. Just click on the book cover.

The other books in my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series, The Unthinkable Duo Of Justice, Rydon’s Fall, The Dunjyn Asylum Escape, The Rise of the Melá-Jutis, and The Kinkorx Horned Horned Hares Slasher are available on kindle as well.

I hope you will read my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases and tell me what you think.

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J. A. Ireland