The Conjuring – Movie Review


The Conjuring

Debbie is frightened just thinking about it.  Ed and Lorraine are there and want to hear her story. The Annabelle Case, 1968. A doll keeps moving around their apartment. Debbie and Camilla are roommates, both nurses.

A seven-year old girl named Annabella Higgins died in the apartment. Debbie and Camilla gave Annabelle permission to inhabit their doll. They went out and left the doll in the spare room. upon returning, the doll was sitting in the hall and the apt was trashed. “Miss me?” wrote on the ceiling in red crayon.

Annabelle doll

Porcelain-faced Annabelle doll

Debbie tossed the porcelain-faced doll in the outside dumpster. That evening, a knock on the door. “Miss me?” wrote on a piece of paper in red crayon outside the door, in the hall. The doll was back in their cushioned chair.

Ed and Lorraine agree to help. They deny the existence of Annabelle. An inhuman spirit lives within the doll, something that has never walked the Earth in human form. Demonic. The doll is a conduit to possess them.

Lorraine and Ed first meet the Perron's

Lorraine and Ed Warren

A priest blessed the apt and occupants. Thus ending the demonic event, according to Ed and Lorraine. They hid the doll someplace safe. They are Demonologists. Ghost hunters, paranormal researchers. Kooks. Wackos. Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Since the 1960’s, Ed and Lorraine have been known as the world’s most renowned paranormal investigators. Lorraine is a gifted clairvoyant, while Ed is the only non-ordained Demonologists recognized by the Catholic Church.

Out of the thousands of cases throughout their controversial careers, there is one case so malevolent, they’ve kept it locked away until now. Based on a true story.


The Perron family excitedly enters new country home

1971- Harrisville, Rhode Island. Roger Perron is an over the road truck driver. Kenworth.  He and his family move into an old country home on a swampy lake. Wife Carolyn, and girls, Andrea, Nancy, Cindy, Christine, and April. Sadie the dog. Just moved from New Jersey.

Everyone enters the home except Sadie. She stays on the front porch and barks. Afraid to go inside.

While playing hide and clap, the girl’s find a hidden cellar. Roger investigates. The lights don’t work. Lots of old furniture and spiders.

Sadie stays outside for the night, refusing to come in. Roger puts her on a chain.

The next morning, the clocks all stopped at 3:07a.m. Sadie is dead!

Annabelle doll in arcives room

Annabelle doll in archive room

Monroe, Connecticut, Warren’s home. Ed and Lorraine keep artifacts from cases. Everything is haunted, cursed, or used in a ritualistic practice. They have a priest bless the room every month. The Annabelle doll is there.

Georgiana, their younger daughter sneaks into the archives room as Ed talks to a reporter who is writing a story on the Warren’s. Ed rushes her out immediately for her safety. “You didn’t touch anything, did you?”

At Roger’s home, the next night, the clocks stop at 3:07a.m., again.

Cindy sleepwalks. Carolyn, mom, is getting unexplainable bruises.

When sleeping, something grabs Christine’s foot. A voice told her, “That it wants her family dead.” She wakes crying.



Carolyn is becoming covered in bruises. She’s prescribed Iron Polysaccharin for iron deficiency.

Roger is gone for a week, on a Florida run.

At 3 a.m. the family pictures are knocked off the staircase wall. Most broken.  Carolyn is awake and hears noises, clapping, piano playing in the cellar. She looks and falls into the cellar. She hears girl’s voices down there.

Cindy is sleep walking again. Noises are everywhere in the house. Andrea is attacked by a girl spirit.

Massachusetts Western University, Wakefield. Ed and Lorraine are speaking about an exorcism and showing a film. Maurice killed himself, the exorcism failed. Three phases of demonic activity; infestation, oppression, and possession.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren

Carolyn is there. She wants Ed and Lorraine to see her house. They agree. The next day. They meet they family. Report that, everyone is sleeping in the living room. Feels safer and warmer. A smell of rotting meat moves around the house. The house is always cold, no matter how warm Roger sets the t-stat. Birds fly into the sides of the house and kill themselves. Clocks always stop at 3:07a.m., all of them. Always hear three bangs on the doors and walls, an insult to the trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Rancid smells indicate demonic activity. The family pictures kept falling off the stair walls so they left them down.

In the cellar, “Something awful happened here, Ed,” Lorraine said. She hears the screams.

Ed and Lorraine begin their work. November 1, 1971. Roger and Nancy record the events on tape.

Lorraine sees Rory-2

Lorraine sees Rory

Lorraine talks to April about Rory, her imaginary friend. He’s sad. Something bad happened to him. He lives in her music box she found on the property on the first day. Lorraine saw Rory in the box, he’s a boy about 12.

Lorraine sees a corpse hanging by its neck from a tree in the yard, for a moment. A woman.

Ed and Lorraine feel the house needs a cleansing, an exorcism. This dark spirit, entity, has latched itself to your family and it’s feeding off you. Ed suggests the entire family gets baptized.

Bathsheba hanging herself

Bethsheba hanging herself

Lorraine learns through research, the farmhouse was built in 1863 by Jedson Sherman. Bathsheba was his wife, related to Mary Towne Estye accused of witchcraft in Salem. Hung during the trials. After Bathsheba married Jedson, they had a baby. At seven days old, Jedson caught her sacrificing it in front of the fireplace. She ran out to the tree by the dock, climbed up, proclaimed her love to Satan, cursed anyone who tried to take her land, and hung herself. Time of death, 3:07a.m.

Last name is Walker, lived there in the 1930’s. She had a boy named Rory who mysteriously disappeared in the woods. Then she killed herself in the cellar.

This property has been sub-divided, the new owners committed suicide and drowned.


Bathsheba’s time of death, 3:07a.m.

At 3:07a.m., screaming and moaning is recorded in a woman’s voice on Ed’s recorder.

Officer Brad Hamilton, Harrisville, Rhode Island P.D. is at Roger and Carolyn’s home, helping with the exorcism. Ed sets up a camera at the tree where Bathsheba hung herself, in the back yard.

Carolyn hung the family photos back up. Later as she takes an afternoon nap, Bathsheba possesses her, by vomiting in her mouth.

Each case Ed and Loraine work on takes a little of Lorraine’s soul. The last case she saw something so horrible that took an awful toile on her. She didn’t eat or drink for eight days, locked in her room.

The closet

The bedroom closet

Ed, Lorraine, and Officer Brad are seeing and hearing things in the house, girl’s voices, doors slamming, footsteps …

Bathsheba hid Cindy in the wall behind the bedroom closet. Cindy doesn’t remember a thing. Rory hides in the same place when he’s scared.

Lorraine falls through the floor, rotten boards, all the way to the cellar, Rory’s mother is there, in ghost form. After seeing the ghost. Lorraine tells everyone. “I know what she did! She possessed the mother to kill the child. She visits Carolyn every night. That’s what the bruise marks are! She’s feeding off of her!” Hysterically!

Being drug around the room

Carolyn being drug by the feet

The spirit begins dragging several of them around the room by the hair and feet. Everything is being recorded. Ed sends the footage to Father Gordon. He’s expecting a fast response. Ed leaves but will be back with the exorcist.

Lorraine sees Judy’s spirit in the water, at the dock, her older daughter. In a panic, she calls home. Her mom says Judy is fine.

Father Gordon is uncomfortable that the kids are not baptized. The family is not members of the church. The approval would need to come directly from the Vatican. He will push it through himself.

At Ed and Lorraine’s home, Judy is awakened during a thunderstorm. She’s frightened by ghostly noises, voices, doors banging… A spirit was rocking in the chair with Annabelle.

Carolyn driving away with two girls

Carolyn taking Christine and April back to the house

Roger’s family is staying at a motel. Carolyn drove away with  Christine and April. She smells like rotting meat. She’s taking the girl’s back to the house.

Everyone drives speedily back to the house.

Carolyn has the girls in the cellar. She’s been possessed by Bathsheba and trying to kill her daughters with scissors. They try to take Carolyn to the priest for an exorcism but are unsuccessful. Bathsheba will kill Carolyn if she leaves the house.

Ed begin the exorcism

Ed and Lorraine begin the exorcism

Ed and Lorraine perform the exorcism. They tie Carolyn to a chair, cover her with a blanket, as she screams.

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit… He begins in Latin…

She breaks free but the wild exorcism continues as Carolyn tries to kill April.

She fought Bathsheba and finally vomited her out. Carolyn is freed from the possession.

At Ed and Lorraine’s home, Ed puts April’s toy marry-go-round that Rory hides in, in his room of archives.

The Vadican approved the exorcism. The priest wants to meet with them tomorrow. There’s a case in Long Island he’d like to discuss.

The Conjuring-2“Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true! The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.” Ed Warren

The Perron Family, The Warren Family, both real families.

The End

According to the story, this really happened. You decide.  It was very creepy and frightening. Good movie, overall.

My rating: 4 stars

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland