Devil – Movie Review


Horror fans,

This is a fast moving devil horror that takes place in an elevator. The movie begins.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” Peter 5:8

The elevator where the Devil's Meeting takes place.

The elevator where the Devil’s Meeting takes place.

The movie begins in Philadelphia; the city is upside down. Detective Bowden describes his mother in a narration as someone who always told her son about God and the devil. In his mother’s stories, someone always dies. As an adult, he admits he thought they were always old wise tales.

He is called to an apparent jumping from the 35th floor of a new high-rise building. The suicide jumper landed on a Bethel Bread Co. truck. The dead, elderly man had a rosary in his hand. As he begins his investigation inside the building, he discovers elevator six is in inspection mode; it’s stopped about the 25th floor with five people trapped inside—three men and two women. The people are quickly becoming impatient with their bleak situation.

The maintenance supervisors, Lustig and Ramirez, attempt to restart the elevator as the trapped passengers begin to panic. As the situation worsens, Lustig calls Philadelphia Police Department. Detective Bowden and Detective Markowitz, unit 602, are dispatched to 333 Locust St—the high-rise building.

Detective Bowden immediately begins to learn who the trapped people are. Things begin to get out of hand within the stalled elevator.

Ramirez, one maintenance super, shares his opinion with the detectives. “It’s a Devil’s Meeting. The Devil’s inside the elevator. I’ve heard about these things my whole life,” he says while holding a rosary around his neck. “One of those people is the Devil in human form,” as he clutches the rosary while making a sign of the cross—fearfully.

Bowden tells his partner, Det. Markowitz, “The security guard has a long record of assault.” He leaves the room and goes to the jumper investigation. He learns the jumper left a suicide note. “I can hear the Devil’s footsteps drawing near.”

Sarah Caraways

Sarah Caraways

Dwight, another maintenance man, falls to his death while attempting to reach the elevator.

Sarah Caraway, Benjamin Larson—the temp security guard, McCormick, Jane Kowski—older woman. All people in the elevator. One by one, they are killed.

Ramirez predicts; “One by one, they all will die. The Devil’s in the elevator.” He continues to clutch his rosary fearfully.

Bowden says, “It’s the Kensington sniper all over again,” as he learns that the temp guard, Ben Larson, works for Sarah Caraway’s husband. “Mr. Caraway paid Ben to kill everyone in the elevator—including Sarah. He’s making it look like a serial killing.”

Tony JaneKowski

Tony JaneKowski

The lights go out and Ben Larson is killed. The lights go out again and Sarah Caraway is dead.

The woman they believe is Jane Kowski becomes alive, again. She is the devil. When Tony JaneKowsi confesses to a hit and run on a woman and boy five years ago on Bethlehem Pike, and asks God for forgiveness, the devil’s plot is foiled.

The maintenance department gets the elevator open and the old woman is gone.

Later, in the car, Detective Bowden tells Tony the woman and boy he killed five years ago was his wife and son. “I’ve waited five years to tell you how much I hate you. Now, all I can tell you is; I forgive you.”

“If the Devil is real, then God is real, too.” The battle between good and evil never stops.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this spiritual horror review.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland