Qashlet Lab — Controversial Research


Greetings from Sesla – Milky Way Coteries. It’s J.A. Ireland,

I read an interesting article in The Wet Lands News concerning the controversial research that Qashlet lab is doing. I thought I would share the article with you. I’m always concerned about their crazy research; they’re up to no good, as usual.

The headline reads: Qashlet Laboratories Facility Continues with Very Controversial Research

The Wet Lands News: According to Wet Lands News sources, Dr. Rewqust and his staff at the Qashlet Laboratories Facility in rural Guytic City are continuing with their very controversial  experiments.

Wet Lands Marshland – Home of Qashlet Laboratory Facilities

These same types of experiments are illegal in the desert territories. The desert territory judges signed legislation into law that outlawed these types of research long ago.

As of yet, the extremely controversial and questionable experiments involving genetic engineering are still legal in the wet lands territories.

Earlier this week, The Wet Lands News roaming reporter Veem Weazan spoke to Dr. Rewqust in one of the conference rooms at the Qashlet lab about the alarming research performed there.

Veem Weazan asked, “Dr. Rewqust, are you concerned at all about the possible consequences of your genetic altering experiments?”

Dr. Rewqust replied annoyingly. “There are always hypothetical consequences to any experiments,” he shook his head “no” as he paused, “I do not foresee any problems occurring from our much needed research.”

Veem Weazan objected, “Much needed research? Who needs these types of experiments? Who will benefit from them?”

Dr. Rewqust flew into a rage, “Our research is badly needed.  Many Sesleans would agree.”

Veem Weazan strongly disagreed. “I would have a very difficult time finding one coterie that is in favor of your work, much less many.”

Dr. Rewqust’s rage further erupted into an uncontrollable fury due to Veem’s strong objections.  His eyes turned red with rage. He shook his head and snarled his lips due to his fury.

“Reporters!” he said with disdain. “You’re all alike! So short-sided. No vision!”  While in an uncontrollable rage, he stormed out of the conference room.

Dr. Rewqust’s inability to control his temper appalled and shocked Veem.  He was alone in the conference room inside the lab. Veem Weazan began his closing, “There you have it, coteries of the wet lands.  Dr. Rewqust thinks his experiments are badly needed and does not feel they will cause any problems.  He also seems to have a difficult time controlling his temper.

Even though these types of experiments are illegal in the desert territories, they are legal here in the wet lands. It would seem  these controversial experiments would continue at the Qashlet lab, at least for now. This is Veem Weazan, The Wet Lands News roaming reporter. I’m reporting live from the Qashlet Laboratories Facility in Guytic City.”

It’s J.A. again. I hope I’m not scaring any of my Milky Way friends with this article.  I have always found it very concerning what the Qashlet lab continues to do. I hope there aren’t any crazy labs there.

Till we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path

J.A. Ireland

Sea Doxer Controversy – Our Evolution



I’m sitting at my desk while skimming through numerous back issues of The Visqaser Report. I found an article I wrote some time ago concerning the scientific communities opinion that, as a species, we evolved from the sea doxer. I hope you find this article interesting. Maybe this information will help you to picture us better.

The Visqaser Report, Who is Sesla and Who Are Her Coteries, is a monthly geological, historical, medical and science magazine. Dr. Krag Visqaser—MD and Dr. Qen Pytmor—PhD archeologists, started the monthly journal fifteen years ago, during their later retirement.

The article I wrote, that I would like to share with you is entitled:

The Mysterious Sesla Sea – Home of the Doxer

Qashlet Laboratories Facilities—Dr. Rewqust; Insists Sesleans Evolved from the Sea Doxer

The Visqaser Report; An article by science columnist, J.A. Ireland

Recently, my esteemed colleagues and I interviewed Dr. Rewqust at the Qashlet Laboratories Facility in Guytic City.  In attendance were Sygil Zeeg, Guytic City TV Science Editor; Ti Wopqir, Kinkorx TV Science Editor, and myself.

We discussed the genetic similarities between Sesleans and the sea doxer with the respected scientist.  Due to Dr. Rewqust’s refusal, we were unable to address the very controversial, DNA genetic engineering experiments, or the other questionable research that the scientists at Qashlet Lab are working on.

Dr. Rewqust feels that the scientific evidence is irrefutable.  He stated, “There are many genetic similarities between our species and the doxer.  Sesleans have fair, leathery skin like the doxer.  All Sesleans feet have a fin-like look and structure that is similar to the doxer.  We have a sharp row of bone in the entrance of our mouths like the doxer.

Their young hatch from eggs, as do ours.

One Species of the Deadly Sea Doxer

Many species of doxer have a webbed dorsal fin that runs the entire length of its leathery body.  Sesleans have the genetic remains of the dorsal fin running down our backs and the back of our legs.  This partial dorsal fin is visible on many coteries, and is perhaps the strongest evidence of our genetic connection.

The evidence is overwhelming, even though many Sesleans do not like it.  The genetic similarities strongly suggest the evolution.  The mutations that occur because of doxer fever validate the genetic similarities as well.  Frankly, I do not understand the controversy or the outrage.”

It would seem, Dr. Rewqust agrees with his colleagues that Sesleans are genetically similar to the sea doxer.  However, he failed to prove the scientific theory that Sesleans are an evolved species, evolved directly from the doxer.  That scientific theory remains just that – a theory.  The theory also remains unaccepted in most circles—circles that are non-scientific.

Written by J.A. Ireland

I hope you find this article interesting, concerning a very controversial topic on Sesla—our evolution. I’m putting this report on my blog for your reading enjoyment and understanding.

Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J.A. Ireland