Dr. Rewqust and his Researchers are Mad Scientists!


Greetings Coteries in the Milky Way, it’s J.A. Ireland,

There’s been a lot of disturbing news from Dr. Rewqust and Qashlet lab recently. The words, Mad Scientists, are being used again in an article by Veem Weazan of The Wet Lands News. It seems, Xuro Qashlet and his team of scientists are unconcerned about the consequences of their genetic code modifying experiments. I’ll let you read this alarming article.

Dr. Rewqust and his Researchers are Mad Scientists!

The Wet Lands News:

Inside Qashlet Lab

Inside Qashlet Lab

Dr. Rewqust and his team of researchers are reportedly engaging in numerous experiments involving genetic code modification and have been for some time. It has been reported to us that Xuro Qashlet, the owner of Qashlet lab, his instructed his team of unethical and unscrupulous scientists to do whatever is necessary to further their horrific research into genetic code restructuring.  It would seem Mr. Qashlet sees monetary advantage in this pursuit. Their frightening work is under the umbrella of improving hatchling counts, which all Sesleans need.  All coteries are plagued by low hatchling yields—some more severely than others.

The Secret Room In Qashlet Lab

The Secret Room In Qashlet Lab

By means of DNA gene modifications, the lab is experimenting on un-hatched embryos.  It is believed that the lab is attempting to alter the genetic code chain of embryos causing a new creation or frightening mutation.  There have been reports of mutated embryos hatching while assuming grotesque forms. These horrific, mutated embryos don’t live long.  “Many citizens fear these radical experiments will become a reality.”  There are reports that these mutants are already surviving.  If that’s true, they could become horrific criminals or worse, they could become mutated zombies, or grotesquely disfigured cannibals.  What will we do then?

This reporter doesn’t have to remind anyone of the effects of genetic restructuring when it comes to the sea doxer.  Many wet landers are concerned that these experiments are having a similar result.  As we all know, the many Sesleans that have mutated due to doxer fever are frightening, grotesque mutants and are confined to mental hospitals or asylums.  Will Qashlet Lab produce evil, horrific mutants that our asylums and hospitals cannot control?  Will they create mutants that attack and eat Sesleans?  This reporter is fearful.

This leads me to my final question that many coteries are asking.  Are Dr. Rewqust and his team of scientists mutating embryos for profit without concern?  Thus creating a more frightening and horrifying strain of mutants that our society cannot control?  Are Dr. Rewqust and his scientists a team of mad scientists?  Concerned citizens want to know.  I want to know?

Written by Veem Weazan

J.A. again; there you have it. Many citizens of the wet lands and the desert are concerned about what the scientists at Qashlet lab might be creating. Rumors have circulated for years about a secret room where Rewqust performs genetic code experiments; this room has never been seen be anyone.

It is mine, as well as other’s belief that the Gang of Five, the heinous mutant group with super intelligence, is a product of the mutation experiments of Qashlet lab; possible created in the secret room?  If our suspicions are correct, what else will they create? The thought is horrifying.

I’ll keep you informed of further developments. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland

Refsax Juysaw’s Generous Contributions


Greetings Earth coteries. It’s J.A. Ireland,

I’m driving  home from Guytic City after my meeting with Chief Editor, Vyll Pitmir, and roaming reporter, Veem Weazan at The Wet Lands News.  We discussed how my reviews would be conducted and formatted for  their newspaper. They were very easy to work with. Putting my book and movie reviews in their newspaper will be effortless.

I’m at a roadside park on the desert  highway heading back to Kinkorx.   I’m taking a break to eat my lunch and gaze upon the vast, picturesque desert. I agree with my colleague, Maxx Zeqster. The beauty of Sesla’s flowering desert, with her multicolored sand and ageless stone formations, is enchanting.

View of Picturesque Desert from Roadside Park on Desert Highway

I’m reading yesterday’s printing of The Wet Lands News. I’m reading an article written by Veem Waezan.  It’s about The Refsax Juysaw Company in Kvyutt.

The Headline is: The Refsax Juysaw Company Receives Another Good Business Award

The Wet Lands News: Earlier today in Kvyutt, Refsax Juysaw, the owner of The Refsax Juysaw Company, was presented with another “Good  Business Award” by the Chamber of Commerce there.  This is just another in a series of awards that he and his giant contained water company have received for the generous donations.

The organization, “Coteries for clean water on Sesla,” has recognized Refsax Juysaw  numerous times in the past for his large contributions to their society, as well.  He has stated many times publically, that he strongly supports the group’s work and will continue to do so in the future.

At The Wet Lands News, we are grateful for Refsax Juysaw’s efforts to provide clean contained water for all of Sesla’s coteries to drink.  We wish him the best of luck with his business endeavors.

Written by:  Veem Weazan

It’s J.A.  The Refsax Juysaw Company has received numerous awards for its generous donations in the ongoing fight to purify the water to Sesla.  Making the natural water on Sesla drinkable seems to be a problem that cannot be easily resolved.

My break is over.  It’s time to journey on toward Kinkorx. Until we talk again.

May good fortune guide your path,

J. A. Ireland