Midnight in Eden – Book Review


Dear friends,

Recently I read author, Tommy Crown’s novel, Midnight in Eden. Here’s my review if this unusual fiction story based on bible characters.

They finally found Eden. The journey took centuries. Began when she was a lass. She’s chased Cain Holt through the centuries.

Midnight in Eden- Killing CainIn the land of Nod. Cain goes mad. Becomes a vicious killer. She is Cain Holt’s mother. She prepares to battle him.

London, 14 Whitehall Court. C+G, home of London’s gov’t offices. Including  the BBA, Bureau of British Agents. The super spy Carter Pick, code named, “Ice.” Early thirties.

The Chief, son of the Duke of Dorsey is charge of BBA. He’s approaching eighty. Forgetful. His job: to keep the United Kingdom safe. Mrs. Button is the Chief’s secretary. Carter is meeting the Chief today in his office. They talk about Cain Holt. The master serial killer who claims to be the son of Adam and Eve.

Cain is now a mass murderer in Cape Town. They receive a tip from his mother claiming to be Eve. From the Garden of Eden. 6000 year old lady. Ice is on his way to Cape Town. His new partner, Agent Giles Wainwright.

Cain is an olive colored man. He’s on British Airways flight 11443 to Cape Town. In less than a second, he rapes a flight attendant. During the violent act, his face changes into a tiger with a giant red tongue. Transforming back to human, he fled the airborne plane in the wheel housing.  The flight attendant was found mauled by a tiger. A passenger was missing.

Eve St. John, the olive colored lady, is waiting to talk to Carter Pick in a bar at Cape Grace, at the harbor. At Siren’s; a bar for a late brunch.  She is 6000 years old. Eve wants to save the world.

Farms in the Midwest experience the death of their livestock without explanation.

Carter and Eve are at Cape Grace. Her work is to stop Cain. He’s crazy. That’s why she’s still alive. Cain made a deal with the devil. He has powers, given by Lucifer. That’s why he hasn’t died. He’s responsible for the bad in the world. Eve made a deal with God so she could stop Cain.

Cain can transform into anything with blood flow.  Birds, Tiger, etc…. Eve can transform into other females, only. Change her hair anytime.

A tsunami hits Cape Town, meant to kill Eve and Carter, sent by Cain. Thousands killed and homeless. Eve and Carter already left on his jet, the “Black Mariah”.

Flying to Morocco. To visit Heaten College, Dr. Ravenwood. Professor of Egyptian Art and Antiquities and archaeology. They talk at the Crow’s Nest saloon in Gloucester.

A plaque of locust attacks corn and cotton in Texas and other states.

Carter wants Dr. Ravenwood’s opinion on Eve. After she identifies an ancient artifact, the professor is convinced. “This is Eve of the Garden of Eden.”

They’re on their way to Nepal. Mitzi Moore manages a bar there. Very short lady. At the foothills of the Himalaya’s. She’s an expert in hieroglyphs and antiquities and speaks six languages, from the Bronx, NY. After convincing Mitzi of Eve’s authenticity, and explaining the mission to kill Cain, she joins the group. They fly to Tel Aviv.

The devil anointed Cain, Lord Chester. Gave him supernatural powers. He has jet black hair, in a ponytail. He sold his soul to the devil in 3880 b.c. after praying for the death of Eve.

In Tel Aviv, Charley, Mitzi, Carter, and Eve ask Dr. Faruk about a papyrus.  Faruk deciphers, “A letter to King Ramesses II from his wife Nefertari. Warning about Cain and a female born around 3944b.c.”  Eve added, “August 13th . She’s the female in the letter.”  The group drives to Tel Aviv University. Looking for the Yamam. “The flood wiped out Eden in 2849b.c.,” Eve says. “It was in Mesopotamia.” She is nearly 6000 years old. They are looking for the portal to the Garden of Eden. Go back in time to before the flood to find Adam and kill Cain.

Eve fills in many missing pieces to the story of Genesis. She is Cain’s birth mother. Lucifer is the dad. Eve was impregnated supernaturally.

God’s name is Amun. His wife’s name is Ashera.

Cain has many demon brothers and sisters helping him. If they can find Cain’s money, they can find him. Money is the root of all evil.

The stock market crashes. Biggest since 1929. The President of U.S. calls President of the World Bank. He says to call Lord Chester, the English Lord, in Tel Aviv.

The Greek Island, Thera. Charley, Mitzi, Carter, Eve, and Dr. Faruk are there. The World Bank is there. Lord Chester’s bank. The bank’s clients are countries. At the bank, Eve receives a key to a safety deposit box with a Mayan symbol. Pietras Negras. They’re off to Colombia.

In Colombia, Bogata. They talk to Wainwright—an expert on the Mayan calendar. Major Billy Jo Burns joins the group. Critical Bill. Combat pilot. She flies critical missions.

Cain wants to kill Eve and destroy Earth by fire, then live in some other galaxy with Lucifer.

Everyone is in Critical Bill’s chopper, the Black Pearl. In the Valley of the Dolls at Petras Negras. At the bank, Eve hands Juan the key. He knows her and brings her a manila envelope. Juan was Cain in disguise. In the envelope, two tickets to the opera in Milan.

At the opera, Lord Chester is there. He places a bomb in the opera house. Luckily, Charley and Mitzi are outside when the bomb goes off. The bomb was meant for Eve. Hundreds are killed and injured. She is injured in the blast. At the hospital, Mitzi dies. Eve brings her back to live.

Rad Holt calls his brother, Cain. Tells him Eve is still alive. He is told to go to Eden and prepare for the battle. Take knives, swords, ropes, whips, big pole in the center with 2 chains.

In Rio, they stay at the Copacabana, in Penthouses.  Mitzi is having trouble with this whole bible character thing. She is finally convinced. Cain and Eve must be in Eden to die.

Rio is celebrating Carnivale, the southern hemisphere’s Mardi Gras. The gang joined the party dressed festively. Cain is there.  He and Eve chat on the beach. They have to find the portal to Eden. Lucifer’s instructions, it must be midnight in the garden. He’s promised eternal life for killing Eve. The plan, a fight to the death in Eden. He hands her a note. When illuminated, the time and date of a fight. Summer solstice. Midnight, June 21, 2016. Latitude and longitude numbers to the portal to Eden. Only a few weeks away.

Cain turns into a Tiger and kills many in the parade.

Knowing the world’s coming to an end, Charley proposes to Mitzi. “Yes, yes, yes.”

Lord Chester lives in Cornwall, England. In a castle called Overlook. Lucifer visits him there. He’s Mad!  Cain hasn’t killed Eve yet. He wants Cain to start a nuclear war. He wants Earth destroyed. Wants to live in the Andromeda Galaxy.

As exhibit in Rio, Noah’s Ark. They meet Barbie, her kids, Hercules, Zena, Nemo. Husband, Noah. The ark is their home, it sails. Noah shows them nautical maps. Charley reads them. He knows where the longitude and latitude numbers to Eden are. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carter sends Critical Bill in his jet to destroy Lord Chester’s castle in Cornwall.

In Vegas, Charley and Mitzi prepare to marry.

Major Burns destroys the castle.

Lucifer will kill Eve himself. Chester needs only to get her to the portal.

Iran launched a nuclear missile at the U.S. It’s up to Bill to stop it with the Black Mariah.

Cain’s in Vegas. Lucifer took away his powers. In a dither, he left his carry on with all his money, credit cards, important papers, etc.. in a taxi. He’s Cain. No gifts or powers.

Amum, God, was in the cockpit next to Bill as she redirected the missile. A calm came over her. The cockpit was a haze blue.

The wedding. Graceland Chapel. The preacher is dressed like Elvis. A quick wedding.

The portal is The Luxor Hotel and Casino. It’s shaped like a pyramid.

Carter and Eye say their goodbye’s. Carter is Adam from the Garden of Eden.

They enter the Black Pearl. Critical Bill lifts off.  She flies the chopper into the beam of light coming from the heavens, going into the casino. They jump into the beam.

Instantly, Adam and Eve are in Eden. It’s exactly the same. Green and lush. Tame animals.

They find the place Cain prepared for the battle. A bear tree with chains with cuffs.

Amum spoke from above, “There will be no fight. Cain is dead. I sent the missile to him. It killed Cain and Lucifer. They lived in the sun. You call it hell. ”

Amum is giving Adam and Eve a second chance. No devil. Eat what they want. Have children.

Charley and Mitzi are there.

Noah and his family are there as well.

The end.

This had to be the craziest serial killer story I’ve ever read. It is based on a few bible characters but definitely not the bible. It is a fantasy fiction plot.

The novel bounces around a lot and could be confusing.

The writer gives an enormous amount of power to Cain. He has virtually unlimited powers, granted by Lucifer, his Father. All the evil and destruction in the world is because of Cain.

Overall, I liked the book. It was interesting.

My rating: 4 stars

May good fortune guide your path.

J.A. Ireland