The Wet Lands News

Dear  Milky Way Galaxy readers,

I am Vyll Pitmir, Chief Editor for The Wet Lands News. I would like to welcome you to our planet. J.A. Ireland informed me about the space tower in Kinkorx—and his blog. He invited my newspaper to take part in this project. At The Wet Lands News, we are thrilled to be communicating with you.

As you read articles from my newspaper, I hope you will begin to understand our planet and her coteries.  The predominate races in the wet lands are the Qirdotz-Coteries and the  Zepler-Coteries. Many other coteries of Sesla make their homes in the wet lands as well.

One Example of Hundreds of Beautiful, Magical Wet Lands Waterfalls

The wet lands is a perfect name for our topography on Sesla.  Due to the excessive rainfall and our underground rock, much of our land is covered in water. Therefore, we boast of abundant, extremely beautiful waterfalls—they’re  magical.

Large waterways reside throughout the wet lands. Swampy, marshlands are also in abundance.

There is a tremendous amount of vegetation here. Agricultural farming  provides  numerous cash crops—tobacco farming is another.

The wet lands also boasts of the largest and most advanced city on Sesla. Guytic City- “The Pride of the Wet Lands”,  is a sight to behold. I hope someday you can experience the architecture of this engineering wonder.

At The Wet Lands News, we do our best to report the news with fairness and integrity. The many comments from our readers through the years suggests that we regularly achieve our goal. After reading our articles, we hope you will share that opinion.

Again, welcome to our world. I hope this newspaper and blog helps you to learn about our wonderful planet. I promise you, we are worth reading about.

Best wishes for your future,

Vyll Pitmir, Chief Editor for The Wet Lands News.

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